Friday, June 19, 2015

Changing it up

One of the best things about going from words to screen is the freedom to make the changes I wish I could make.

Faithful readers of the Beginnings Series need something new, something different, an angle they never witnessed.

Actor David Ogrodowski who will be playing the new hybrid character in Beginnings. Greg Rankin. David is a phenomenal actor! Simply awesome. 

We all know Greg from security, he went out beyond the wall with Robbie, well I amped him up and hybrid him. Here's the details of the n
ew (Sort of new) Character and what you can expect.

When Joe initiated the containment process he did it so survivors from outside the walls could gradually ease back into civilization with social rehab. Joe designated Ellen in there because as a nurse her bedside manner sucks.

Greg from security worked in containment with Ellen and when she went back work part time at the clinic, Greg took over half the responsibilities

The new Greg isn't just security he he is a psychologist who did criminal profiling

He takes himself far too seriously and despite what he thinks, he is as strange as everyone else

Only thing is he has a really good ability to gauge who is ready to enter society

Because of his confidence, he and Ellen bicker. But he doesn't care what she thinks, or when she tells on him. He gets along well with Andrea, George and Joe. Finds Henry too whiny and possibly pits Dean and Frank against each other for his amusement. He likes Frank. And pacifies his intellectual short comings one hundred percent. Look for surprises from this new character.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

It's been a while

We have been so busy, thought I'd share the new trailer!

Well, it is not official, but it gives you an idea